No Social Media

Today, I deleted, or deactivated, the last of my social media sites. I sound like someone who’s depressed and hopeless; however, I feel the opposite! It is liberating to no longer be tied to other peoples posts, pictures, quotes… I should make clear: I wanted to distance from those sites for ME, not to get away from others. Actually, on the contrary, I’d like to become closer to people. Get together for lunch, talk on the phone. By putting a screen between us, the communication feels less personal. I end up feeling isolated, alone, and insignificant after checking the sites lately, so I’ll see how I feel without them for a time. Not forever. Forever thinking gets me in trouble.

Three weeks off the sauce today! I had acupuncture last week, which brightened my entire outlook on life! I respond very well to Eastern Holistic healing. I’m implementing a lot of change in a relatively short period of time, which, to some, may seem too much too fast, but it’s been marinating within me for a LONG time, and it feels more like ripping off a bandaid than anything else. In addition to being alcohol free, I’m vegan again (I was for years before adding in a little red meat, fish, and cheese- so that decision is also not as drastic as it sounds) and looking into taking a Certified Crystal Healing course; a passion of mine that could turn into something more substantial.

I’m re-reading (and highlighting) The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol. Tony Robbins has said it is THE book that has inspired him the most. I can see why.

Affirmation for the week: ~~ I am realistic. I expect miracles.  ~~





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