One week today

One week without alcohol today. Forget where a heard it lately, but this stuck with me and I’ve been repeating to myself: If I can do one day I can do three days, if I can do one week, I can do a month. If I can do one month, I can do three months, then six months, then a year. I read a sobering- haha- statistic that only 1% of people who try to go without alcohol for one year are successful. I plan to be part of that one percent. However, I am initially focusing on simply plugging forward for TODAY. I can only truly be present and centered on Right Now. *Sigh* Getting too far in future-thinking only activates overwhelm and sabotage. I can’t go there. (Another audiobook plug for an oldie/goodie, Eckhart Tolles’ The Power of Now). That’s it for today. Just need to keep myself accountable whether anyone is reading this or not! I’m grateful for the likes 🙂


3 thoughts on “One week today

  1. Reading and agreeing! Well I do not even wonder about ‘not drinking today’. I try to not drink this moment. Nope, I turn it around; I am happy that I quit. That works wonders and I just only found out today that it is ‘an ancient technique’. Ghegheghe, well, sort of, according to what these people say. By being happy that I quit and repeating it as follows: “Concise choice of positive words, clear visualization, and a corresponding feeling.” It becomes a reprogramming of the mind. Or so they say. I think it works. 🙂 It helped me to become the 1%. Here is something on being happy that you quit. 🙂
    And I also used a tool by the way, a free, online alcohol desensitization ‘game’. It is on my blog, when interested you can find it through the search field.
    xx, Feeling


      • Yes, we have been programmed by society and our own addictive personality that drinking is a good thing. It is rubbish. Drinking is a sad choice for ‘life’. Turning it the other way around with the said ‘Concise choice of positive words, clear visualization, and a corresponding feeling’ has helped me. Congrats on your day 9! I believe all the alcohol is out of the system at day 10. Not sure. Google will tell. 🙂 Enjoy a alcohol free body! 🙂
        xx, Feeling

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