Energy before Matter

Creating my freedom: from lots of things. Old behaviors, thought patterns, energy vampires, people, places, and things. I’ll be more specific. This last week I’ve been listening to Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss on audiobook. Highly recommend! It has me thinking more about the link between our energy patterns and illness. Where does my chronic fatigue (among other things) come from? Well, I’m leaking energy to all these places (including my PAST). With thoughts like, Where would I rather be right now? Who’s betrayed me? What if I’d made THIS decision or done THAT differently? My energy is not in the present moment and its making me sick! I’m understanding more why meditation is so important. I’m grateful that my Guides continue gently nudging me with new information. Keep yourself physically oriented in whats going on NOW. I’m also reevaluating my entire belief system; starting with: What do I believe in? Ha. Deceptively simple. What are my values? It’s all necessary work in order to move on and advance spiritually. After all, isn’t that the point of being alive?? I need to practice forgiveness of certain members of my family (which is really for my own benefit, not theirs). I started this blog a couple years ago because I wanted to kick the alcohol habit for good and hold myself accountable. Had to delete those old posts and start fresh today. It’s been two years coming…  Still working on kicking the booze, but for me, focusing solely on that and not what’s been causing my habit has led me back to it time and time again. Only removing the alcohol and not addressing the reasoning behind my continual use of it, wasn’t enough. SO, another huge thing for me this time, which is the last time, is to focus on my fundamental beliefs. By picking up a drink, I’m betraying myself. I’m breaking the promise I made to myself over and over that I do not want to drink anymore. I believe that to drink is to poison my body and mind. It poisons my marriage, and it poisons my future. It’s a second chakra betrayal and causes my energy to be effected negatively. In a nutshell, I’m hurting myself energetically and physically, and now it has been brought to my attention that that’s what I’ve been doing, I can’t ignore it anymore. I can’t knowingly attack myself any longer. Day 3 today.


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